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If you feel like you've been spinning around in circles with your ideas that you just can't seem to put into action, if you have a mission to do something greater than yourself, and if you are so tired of your own drama that keeps you from getting there, then I'm your girl. 

I'm Melissa Clough, M.A. "the coach for coaches," an expert in business systems and heart-centered communication between the conscious and unconscious minds, with a strange, but beautiful gift of seeing beyond your "what is," to create a plan to get your "what can be" so you can shine like a comet in this world. 

  • Can't get going syndrome

  • Will do it later syndrome

  • I don't know where to start syndrome

  • I know what I want, but can't get it syndrome

  • I know what I should be doing, but don't syndrome

  • But it's not perfect syndrome

  • I'm a fraud syndrome

  • Toss and turn in bed syndrome

  • Feel like there's a Simon Cowell in my head syndrome

  • But she's prettier and smarter syndrome

  • Can't get clients syndrome

  • "What is a business system?" syndrome

I partner with only the most serious of coaches who are ready to do whatever it takes to serve their mission in this world and manifest crazy abundance in their coaching practice and life. 

My work is not for the excuse-makers, the "poor me's," or the self-defeatists. Yes, we entrepreneurs all experience moments of those feelings, but if it doesn't stop you from finding the resources you need to bust past those limitations for good, then I'm here to assist you with breaking free from all of that nonsense, once and for all.  

I will push you beyond your expectations and cheer you on the whole way there. 

I do not do anything for you. Rather, I give you the tools to discover your own inner power to do for yourself what you previously didn't think possible. 

I utilize a proactive approach to help you easily implement the mindsets of successful behavior through neurolinguistic programming, positive psychology, and hypnosis.

Results you can expect:


  • A deeper sense of purpose

  • A more positive attitude

  • Tools you can take with you to maintain your results

  • More energy for the things you love 

  • Freedom from negative thinking and habits

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