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How Web Design + Branding + Consulting  can help you attract more clients:

Have you ever landed on a website that was hard to read, had mismatched colors, was outdated, or just flat-out unprofessional? Of course. We all have. And did you stay on that page and book a session? Or did you bounce out of there hoping you'd never see it again? 

Now think about a website that you landed on and just felt... ahhhh.. good. It was almost as if it were made just for your eyes, right? 

When you arrive on a page that you connect with that looks, feels, and even sounds professional; you are more inclined to purchase the product that seems to be exactly what you're looking for.

And that's the difference between a well-thought out, branded site, and a--well, not so much one.

That's where Holistic Web Design Creative comes in. I'm here to assist you in aligning your image with the holistic professional that you are. So that you can book more clients, earn a living doing what you love, and help the world.


Express your gifts

Designer + consultant + writer

Hi, I'm Melissa, an award-winning coach, consultant, and web designer.

When it comes to partnering with a web designer for your business, it's important that you align with those who "get" you: those who understand the customer experience, the booking process, and the language of your target market. 


That's why I specialize in the holistic practitioner market - because I understand the ins and outs of the industry. Not only have I had my own six-figure, award-winning coaching practice, but I also co-owned and operated a multi-million dollar award-winning dental practice, and have been in the consulting field for over 15 years.

I also have an English degree from UCLA, as well as a Master's degree in Business Psychology; so whether you're feeling web design services, or digging copy-writing/editing, or business coaching, I've got you!

Meet Melissa.

"Wow, my site looks incredible! You've done a great job and I can't thank you enough!!"

Luke, Cambridge Hypnotherapy

Recent Projects

*Please note: Client's current site may differ, as Holistic Web Design Co. has no control over the site once it's handed over to client.


Recent Re-designs

*Please note: Client's current site may differ, as Holistic Web Design Co. has no control over the site once it's handed over to client.

*Please note: Client's current site may differ, as Holistic Web Design Co. has no control over the site once it's handed over to client.

Frequently asked questions

Why a consultation?

During your complimentary 20 minute consultation, we'll delve into your goals for your website and your business needs so that I can best serve you. I'll also discuss how the whole process works in detail. This is a great time for us to see if we're a right fit for each otrher, as well as answer any questions you may have.

Do you work with anyone other than holistic practitioners?

Because my background is in coaching and psychology, as well as dental practice management, I specialize in web design for the holistic practitioner. My background allows me to fully understand your business needs and target market, which lends well to this specialization. If you'd like to work with me in another industry, I'd be happy to discuss more about how we can work together in a complimentary consultation.

What if I don't like my new design?

I'm super confident that you'll love what we create together, and honest communication is key for me to fully understand your needs and desires. Before I even begin your web design, I'll send you your branding package and a sample of the design for your approval. We'll work together to make it exactly how you want it. If you're not satisfied for any reason, you can receive a 50% refund if you change your mind prior to the completion and delivery of your new website, which compensates for my time in creating your product. Feel free to browse my portfolio on this homepage to get an idea of my style and see if they align with your vision. After your website handover, I'll follow-up with you for seven days to make sure your website is functional and how you want it. You can ask for two additional changes after delivery before the website is fully handed-over to you to make sure you're fully satisfied.

Do you accept payment plans?

Hiring a professional web designer is a worthwhile investment in your business that will often bring back a high percentage of return. The payment process is as follows: 50% of your package fee is due at the time of booking and the remaining 50% is due at the time of delivery (approx. 3-4 weeks later). In order for me to focus more on aligning your image with your expertise rather than financial collections, I do not offer additional payment plans at this time. However, I do accept Paypal Credit if you'd like more than two installments, which is interest-free for six months. To apply, visit Simply enter your information, and once your application is approved, we can get started!

I love your style! How do I get started?

Great! I'm so looking forward to meeting you! To get started, book your complimentary virtual 20 minute consultation here: We will meet using the Zoom application. See you soon!

What web design platform do you use?

Because I want you to have full control and freedom of your website after it's delivered to you, I use Wix for my designs. Wix is my preferred DIY web design platform for its ease and user ability to add new content without having to pay for your web designer to add new content each time. If doing it yourself isn't your thing and you'd rather focus more on helping your clients, then I do offer retainer services to update your content as needed on a monthly basis, or on an a la carte basis. To get your own Wix account, * CLICK HERE *Contains affiliate link

Will I be able to make changes myself after my site is delivered?

Yes! While most web designers use open-source platforms like Wordpress, or other drag and drop sites, I choose Wix due to its ease of use and its multitude of features. Wix makes it super easy for you to update and add content yourself, rather than depending on a web designer to make those changes for you (at a cost) each time. To get your own Wix account, * CLICK HERE *Contains affiliate link


"I was not expecting this! I'm so thankful. Although I did like the bold colors from my old site, this new design really evokes the calm, healing feel that my business is about. I love it and am excited to put my site out in the world! "

Julie, Emotional Release and Business Coaching


"If it weren't for Melissa, I would not have had the courage and confidence to expand myself and my business. She went beyond the call of duty,  from releasing me from worn-out beliefs to having a plan to launch myself in a new direction. She helped me with promoting myself in a new way and helped me get over my fear of technology to aid in my business, taking less effort to run."

Lauren, Intuitive Life Coaching

"I absolutely loved the insight I gained from our session! Thanks to our work, I have more clarity about the message I want to send to the world. I appreciate what you do and I'm looking forward to building my authentic, heart-centered business."

Nina, Success Coach


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