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Suffering from Commitment Overload? 5 Steps to Freedom Now


(Transcript from the Fearless Success Podcast. Please Subscribe and Share Now!)


I wanted to share this topic with you because this has actually been something that I've been dealing with this past couple of weeks. I've been really doing too much, I think.


I have my own coaching practice here in Austin, Texas and it's busy fortunately, everything is great with that and I love seeing clients. I'm also working on all of my online stuff and my podcast, and I'm creating a new online program, which would be coming out very soon, I would say within the next couple of weeks- I'll be releasing a completely new online video series which you can check out on my website.


I've been really getting in this place of, I want to just pump out this project. I really just want to get it done. When I'm imbalanced I am completely in workaholic mode like, go get it, and nothing else matters.


I will go for days just in my pajamas (don't judge!). I'll shower and stuff, but I'll just not get dressed because I will just be working on all these things nonstop. That's CLEARLY not healthy.


I come from a background of being a yoga instructor and being super healthy and super conscious of my body, so I also know that when I get really driven I have to hone in on balancing myself and hone in on that self-awareness to say, "Okay, I'm doing too much and I need to find my balance," because that is not a sustainable way of working or living, and eventually you're going to burn out. That's exactly what happened to me.


Then this voice suddenly resounded in my head and said, "Hello, wake up call. You need to find your balance." I was doing too much, I was trying to get all these project done before the holidays, then holidays came and I was travelling visiting family and I came back and went right to getting right back to work again. Then I got sick.


There's a book that really inspired me, I read a couple of years ago. It's called, When the Body Says No: Exploring the Stress-Disease Connection,  by a doctor named Gabor Maté. What he writes about is that if you don't have boundaries with yourself and with others, if you can't say no to things in your life that are overwhelming you, then are creating an imbalance or strifing your life, or too much stress, and your body will say no for you.


If you can't say no, you will then get some kind of viral infection, you may get an autoimmune issue, you may get fungal infections, allergies, sinus infections, all these things that would go wrong in your body because it's basically the message from your body to say, "Hey, you need to stop; and if you're not going to stop on your own, I'm going to stop you, and keep you in bed for days because that's what you need. You need to rest."


That's what happened with me. It basically was my body saying, "You need to rest and balance," and I got the message. A lot of people would not get that message. A lot of people would wait to feel better then go right back to doing what caused them to be sick in the first place. Find out how I learned to get back on track on my body and how you can too:





Want More from Melissa? 


Find me on The Fearless Success podcast and please subscribe and share! 


I also have a free gift to give you to enhance your success, which is the Fearless Success Formula, which will really help you jumpstart into this new stage in your life of getting into a positive, more powerful mindset for your career and your life.


All you have to do is go to melissaclough.com and sign up for the Fearless Success Formula, and you'll get it for free as my gift to you, directly in your inbox, right away.


I want as many women as possible to hear these messages because there are so many women who are eager to step out into their potential, but they just don't know where to start or don't have all the resources or the mindset that they need to do it.


Please share this with as many women entrepreneurs as possible so that this energy of passion and purpose and potential can spread around the world. Can you imagine how the world would be if everybody loved what they did and did what they loved, and really just shined their light and radiated in this world? It would be amazing. I don't believe that it's impossible.


If you'd like to learn more about how to achieve your goals with even greater impact, check out my 21 Day Mental Cleanse program!


Got any other tips or a success story? Feel free to share in the comments!

Everyone was born to shine. Please share this to help your friends and family live a life they love.


Let's do this!



Much love,
















High-performance mindset coach, yoga instructor, and hypnotherapist; Melissa Clough inspires business women to soar past their edge with balance, abundance, and freedom from limiting beliefs through online coaching programs, hypnosis, live speaking events, and a weekly podcast called, “Fearless Success for Women Entrepreneurs.”


She serves heart-centered women entrepreneurs who want positive mindset strategies to thrive in their business and health, while connecting to their higher selves to live balanced lives. She believes everyone was born to shine their gifts brightly in the world and that it's never too late to start.


She enjoys the kind of green juices that make your face purse, yoga (the bendy kind), the great outdoors, and solo karaoke parties in her living room (especially to soppy 80's ballads).




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