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How to Create Super Profesh Videos Without Breaking the Bank

September 18, 2018


There's nothing worse then watching a video that has poor lighting quality, shotty picture, and messy background. Unfortunately, videos with amazing content get overlooked, simply because they lack some basic tools to make them wonderfully watch-worthy.


Fortunately, I've gotcha covered, with this quick guide to making awesome videos (or doing high-quality live coaching calls, or FB or IG Lives), without breaking the bank.


1. Camera


Your camera can make or break your video. I love the Logitech HD 1080p, which has auto-focus and automatic low-lighting correction, which brightens up your image. It fits easily on top of your computer or laptop monitor, with easy USB plug-in. It's my favorite video cam at a great price-point, just under $50.


People are constantly asking me how I get such great video quality when I use this!



 2. Lighting


Next to camera quality, lighting should also be a top priority for anyone doing live streams or video recordings. Lighting is also likely to be one of the most expensive items to get stellar videos, and also one of your best investments. 


Despite how important lighting equipment is, you don't need to spend a ton of money to get it. 


Yes, you can face a window and utilize the free sunshine coming through, but it might not always be possible in your recording space.


So whenever I'm not using natural sunlight, my ultimate favorite light to do coaching videos, tutorials, and live streams is the Diva Ring Light Super Nova. This 18" dimmable ring light was designed with Youtubers and bloggers in mind and is one of the most popular lighting kits on the market for online businesses.


The unique design allows for the camera to sit on the tripod, in between a lighted ring, so that your face is lit all the way around as you glare into the shutter. With the white tube filter in place, it diffuses the light, creating a nice soft glow to soften your skin's appearance.


Before I had the Diva Ring Light, I needed several light boxes all around me, in order to get enough light for video. However, the Diva Ring Light's exceptional design creates enough light from all angles of your face, easily making it the only light I usually need. 



If that's too far out of your price range, then the Neewer Camera Photo Video Lighting Kit has great reviews and offers a similar quality.


Like the Diva Ring Light, it comes with a white tube filter to diffuse the light for a softer lighting effect, and a tripod with a built-in stand for your SLR camera or Smart Phone. Yet unlike the Diva, it also comes with a handy Bluetooth remote for your Smart Phone, allowing you to start recording from your remote.


The Neewer Camera Photo Video Lighting Kit also comes with a handy little carrying bag for storage or videos on-the-go.



 3. Sound


Have you ever tried watching a video, but couldn't really understand the presenter? Or strained your ears trying to understand someone's words that are muffled by echoes? Super annoying, right? 


Don't be that person. All you need to prevent poor sound quality is a decent mic, and maybe some sound absorbers if you work out of a noisy space. 


One of the most popular microphones for video recording on the market, due to its value for the quality, is the Blue Yeti USB Microphone.  This 3-condenser mic has a convenient USB to plug directly into your computer or laptop, and adds loads of quality onto your videos or livestreams. 


I also recommend adding this super affordable windscreen, as well as a pop filter  to place over the mic to avoid hearing over-accentuated "p" and "s" sounds, which adds to superior voice quality.  



Pop filter:


For noisy environments:


I once lived under a flight path, which seemed to make recording impossible. It was so bad that I memorized the flight schedules, and would know exactly what times the most air traffic was around, pausing my recording about every 20-30 seconds for planes to pass most times.


Luckily I had some handy tools to help with noise cancellation, including this Mic Booth Shield, which creates an added sound barrier for less sound distractions. 



 Of course, for videos you don't always have to have a silent environment, just an audible one. However, if you really wanted to soundproof your recording space, you could also add acoustic tiles and sound-proof curtains.


Or if all else fails, you can record audio in a closet, like I often did. I wouldn't recommend that for video though. 



4. Background


Now for the background. Again, your videos don't have to be perfect, but most would prefer to watch a video with a clean, appealing background, rather than being distracted by someone's house clutter all around. 


Instead of having a plain, white wall behind you in your videos, you can easily get some cardboard, cover it with wallpaper, and nail it to your wall, like I did here: 



To make my backdrop more visually appealing, I added a few simple elements that went with my minimalist brand, like a dream catcher, some succulents, and a canvas quote, that went with my inspirational theme of my business, but didn't distract away from my face. 


If you are not backed up against a wall, consider adding simple shelving, frames, or textiles in the background that complement your style without distraction, as I did with another backdrop here:


5. Post-Production


Once you've created your awesome video, you'll need to edit it and post it to your site or other social media platforms. 


If you have a Mac, you have free access to iMovie, Apple's video editor, which allows you to easily edit your videos and export to an mp4 for upload. iMovie also has a really easy-to-use app, which I often use to edit and upload right on my phone. 


If you have a PC, you can use Movie Creator to easily edit your videos. 


Both programs come with easy-to-follow video tutorials to get started, or of course, you can always find loads of info on Youtube. 


Another option is the web-based editing software, Filmora Wondershare, aimed to simplify the video editing process, and has a free trial and low-monthly subscription fee. 



So there you have it! If there's anything else that has made your video making process easier, please share in the comments below! 


Happy video creating!


Much love,










**Please note: this post contains affiliate links, where I get paid a small fee if you purchase from links that share what I love.**





High-performance mindset coach, yoga instructor, and hypnotherapist; Melissa Clough inspires business women to soar past their edge with balance, abundance, and freedom from limiting beliefs through online coaching programs, hypnosis, live speaking events, and a weekly podcast called, “Fearless Success for Women Entrepreneurs.” 


She serves heart-centered women entrepreneurs who want positive mindset strategies to thrive in their business and health, while connecting to their higher selves to live balanced lives. She believes everyone was born to shine their gifts brightly in the world and that it's never too late to start. 


She enjoys the kind of green juices that make your face purse, yoga (the bendy kind), the great outdoors, and solo karaoke parties in her living room (especially to soppy 80's ballads).






Subscribe to the Fearless Success Podcast, named the #1 Podcast for Women Entrepreneurs by Huff Post, to get your inspiration fix to live a balanced entrepreneurial life.









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